Touch this skin hunny

Wow, the standard of drag is really elevating and becoming more and more artistic and experimental, with lace fronts, tucking, cinching and padding looking more professional and feminine than ever, drag is really an entertainment category to watch out for.

With a high demand for drag shows in Australia, the arrival of Drag Race in the UK,  the worlds first Drag Convention held in LA last week & up and coming shows in HK that are garnering more attention with those not directly within the community. Drag has come a long way from its small ballroom voguing battles and runways from the houses that started it all, Extravaganza, Saint Laurent, Ninja, Princess, PenDavis.

To my loves of season 7, good gawd. You can’t take it.









LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 19:  (EDITOR'S NOTE: Image has been processed using digital filters) Violet Chachki arrives for Logo TV's
My faves


Condragulations Violet ❤ sign off


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5 thoughts on “Touch this skin hunny

      • Special that Violet & Pearl will most probably stay friends for life I think. ♡♡ A lot of them will. Did you like previous seasons of RPDR better?

      • Yes, when the lights come on + RuPaul does her “laugh” + prance to “Covergirl, put the bass in your walk”, I start dancing! I like Katya too and believe it or not I like Ginger too (Ginger tried too many mind games during S7 but in the end it didnt work out for her. She is still a star and really loved anyway)

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