Electriq Tent at Clockenflap 2014 [GoPro]

I know its quite overdue but I had so much footage of Clockenflap, (about 46GB to be exact) I didn’t really know where to begin.  I also got some new editing software (Final Cut Pro) which is much more complicated than the standard and free GoPro editing programme and its been a while since I used Sony Vegas Pro so it was like starting all over again.

I always find it a challenge when it comes to events like this and documenting them because it really takes time, effort and certainly concentration when you’re trying to enjoy a show,  you don’t exactly want to be focusing on holding your camera still and getting a good shot when you could be enjoying whats going on on stage.
So unfortunately I feel like i didn’t get enough variety and they were also not as stationary as I’d like because I was dancing while holding my GoPro #sorrynotsorry.
But here is the finished product!
I also just checked out the footage of Ben Klock for Push’s 5th anniversary party at Volar and I cannot wait to get started! An improvement already!

sign off


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