Dimensions // Outlook 2014

When we arrived at Pula, we had a day of exploring (see previous post) before Dimensions Festival kicked off at the Pula Amphitheatre. The rest of the festival was to take place at Fort Punta Christo about 5 minutes away from the launch location which had a total of 8 stages while Outlook, which was about a week after Dimensions had 9 stages with its launch night also at the Amphitheatre- which by the way is apparently the only amphitheatre in the world that has retained it’s round towering walls. Dimensions launch night (Streaming live on Boiler Room) Opening night- Kwabs, Caribou and Darkside

After seeing the launch location and set up the day before we were even more pumped about it. We go into town a couple of hours before hand to have another little look around and get some food before the festival doors- or walls I should say, officially opened.

We arrived relatively early and as the minutes passed more and more people swarmed the 1st century AD monument. It was incredible to think that once upon a time gladiators fought to the death here for entertainment and was later used for tournaments, ceremonies and theatre productions and today- music festivals among other gatherings and events. At times you forgot that you were in this ancient old structure until the flood lights hit it’s rustic limestone walls and Dimensions logo hovered along the lining of the Arena.

The sound systems were insanely crisp, clear and not to mention fucking loud. The first artists we saw was Kwabs who – had some bitch’n dance moves which we dubbed Kwabsing. The tone was a little different to who was coming on next- Caribou and Darkside, who really put on a show.. It was dramatic, intense and dreamy.

We eventually walked up to the seating area of the arena which is said to seat 5,000 people, and it sure looked close to it. The view from there left us in awe and was indefinitely surreal. Seeing the venue in all it’s glory, multicoloured lights flashing, people cheering and dancing and unbelievable sound and a few familiar faces. The crowd was friendly and i would have to say 70% British and predominantly 18-25 year olds, which made sense since uni hadn’t started (or continued) yet for them.

We left the arena just as Darkside finished (the last of the acts) because we knew tomorrow, day 2, would be a LONG day for us…

Check out the pics….


Day 2 of Dimensions

Ben Klock – Tama Sumo – Orna – Fatima & The Eglo Band – Warpaint – Robert Hood – Hessle Audio – Move D – Roman Flügel & LOADS MORE
**The stages at Fort Punta Christo were scattered all over the fortress, one was in the actual MOAT of the fortress, one called the Ballroom was in the WELL of the fortress.

On the second day of the festival we woke up early to get our passes to the festival so we hopped in a taxi and 15 minutes later, we arrived at this secluded area that had a couple of houses lining the drive way up to the Fort. We got out the taxi and walked the rest of the way as public vehicles weren’t allowed past a certain point. We walked up with a couple of fellow festival goers and we could hear the music got louder and louder and after a couple of minutes walking past the large camping site (which apparently homed 10,000 people during the festival) we finally made it to the ticketing area/entrance.

We got our passes and headed to the “ENTRANCE” gate and walked past what seemed to be 3, 20 year old girls working at the head of the queue. As we walked in between them while they were in deep conversation one of them stopped us and looked at me like i was a complete idiot and told us that we should be entering in the “RE-ENTRY” queue in a bitchy and snide tone.- I wanted to shut her ass down. HOW DOES ONE ENTER THE RE-ENTRY GATE IF ONE HAS NOT EVEN ENTERED YET YOU FUCKING TWAT? As we were ever so kindly accepted in the Entrance Gate anyway I said “That bitch is going on my blog.” And it got me thinking as we walked further up to the beach stage. How does the festival rely on people that age to work at the festival and be trusted to do their job properly and not run off and enjoy themselves or to not let their friends in? It seemed by the way the situation was handled she hadn’t worked in this sort of field a whole lot.

THAT aside we had made it and we did a quick look around before we got some lunch at one of the many great named food stalls- Tea Headquarters and London Munchies to name a few.

We headed towards the beach stage which was already lined with people that were camping on site and decided to eat before hitting the rocky beach for the rest of the day while we waited for the Hessle Audio boat party. Time flew by and before we knew it, we had to walk up to the first main event for us of the day-


So we only went to Outlook for their second night because we had to fly out in 2 days so we figured 1 night would suffice because it was originally Dimensions that we really wanted to check out anyway. The crowd was slightly different to the Dimensions crowd- probably due to the difference in music. Outlook was predominantly dub, reggae, drum and bass and breakbeat with about 5,000+ more attendees. The stages were all the same except for one more that was located where the boat party pick up and drop off was. However, we never made it to this stage- haha…

DSCN0801DSCN0803DSCN0805DSCN0808DSCN0810DSCN0811DSCN0813DSCN0816DSCN0822DSCN0825sign off LOVE, p

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