with love from hong kong -the yogi

A couple of months ago we, Living Alive was approached to help organise A Day with Fé’s launch party for owner Fé’s yoga and resort lines.
We came up with a concept which would involve some of Hong Kong’s top yogis in collaboration with Fé’s yoga clothing and photographer Beatrice Lee. We decided to shoot our wonderful yogi’s in areas of Hong Kong that were dear to them and in correlation with our theme; With Love from Hong Kong.

I’ve really missed doing larger events like this so I’m stoked that it’s all coming together. We have some fantastic sponsors and the final photographs by Beatrice are beautiful and tranquil and I can’t wait to see them printed and framed for the exhibit – this thursday, so rsvp, quick!

Check out some of the behind the scenes…..





Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.07.59 AM

Photo 14-5-14 10 58 09 am

Photo 14-5-14 10 59 22 am

Photo 14-5-14 10 59 28 am

Photo 14-5-14 10 59 38 am

Photo 14-5-14 10 59 41 am
To RSVP email me at info@wearelivingalive.com / visit the FB event page

Thanks to our sponsors!



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