life is short, buy the shoes.









I am proud to say I am a really quick shopper, and shoes are my kryptonite. (not proud of)
When I shop I know what I want and It usually doesn’t take me long to decide whether an item is coming home with me.  But, when I can’t decide I do a little experiment. I carry on with my day as usual and if that item so happens to pop into my head a few times, its destiny. We are meant to be together.

I had a moment like that when i got my shoes from Zara in December (black with gold ankle cuffs) I scanned Zara as I walked in, stopped and had a little stare down with these shoes. The second I picked them up I had decided to adopt them.
I love classic shoes. Shoes you can wear forever (if they last of course) Shoes with not a lot of detail because I love simplicity and I believe simplicity is elegance.

I wore them for New Years but an hour into weaving through crowds on IFC roof the cuff broke off. I managed to temporarily fix it to last me the rest of the night then fixed it properly with a jewellery tool the next day to keep the ankle cuff from ripping off again.

As for the blue ones, I haven’t worn them out yet but I love the height of them and their rich colour.

I probably should have steamed these skirts as well but I didn’t have any time, so bare with me : )

Shoes from Zara, Blue Pencil Skirt from Kanchan Couture, Top from
Shoes from, Peach Drape Skirt from Kanchan Couture, Top from


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