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My blog has had a very successful year, so I wanted to thank everyone for their support!
Here are some of the shots from a shoot Philippe, MJ, Karina and I did a few months ago. I have to say it was quite a challenge as I also styled the shoot with my own clothes, but luckily I had worked on a few shoots which were on location that prepped me for this one.
Location and studio are completely different as its slightly more stressful as you have to prepare as well as you can and take into consideration clothing that you have to bring, or a location that you might get kicked out of and of course weather. I brought a suitcase with some outfit changes and make up just in case.

All in all it was a great shoot and a lot of fun especially working with new people and also an old friend. Karina and I had wanted to do a shoot together for quite some time now and we finally had some time to get together and bring it to life.

I’m sure this won’t be the last shoot we do as I’m already buzzing with other ideas- ha!

Karina x Petra-6

Karina x Petra-8

Karina x Petra-17

Karina x Petra-33

Karina x Petra-38

Karina x Petra-36

Karina x Petra-37

Karina x Petra-40

Karina x Petra-69

Karina x Petra-79

Karina x Petra-80

Karina x Petra-83

Karina x Petra-86

Karina x Petra-99

Karina x Petra-102

Karina x Petra-117

Karina x Petra-136

Karina x Petra-137

Karina x Petra-150

Karina x Petra-156

Karina x Petra-164

Karina x Petra-176

Karina x Petra-187

Karina x Petra-205

Karina x Petra-210

Karina x Petra-217

Karina x Petra-167

Karina x Petra-224

Karina x Petra-236

Karina x Petra-253

Karina x Petra-245

Karina x Petra-257

Clothing from: Obey, Subcrew, H&M, Alpha Schedule Designs, Jewellery by me, Asos, Zara, Nike, King Ly Chee band merch, Pleaser, Steve Madden and some Mong Kok and thrifted pieces.

Merry belated Christmas everyone! I hope you had a lovely day!

Makeup By: Kaman Liu / Makiko Miley Leung

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MJ’s Instagram & Facebook
Karina’s Instagram & Facebook


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