festival essentials

Clocken essentials

one tissue, for obvious reasons, spilt drinks, toilet breaks, or maybe you heard a song that reminded you of someone who broke your heart. Just bring the fucking tissues. two some sort of documentation.  Whether it’s your iphone or camera, you might need them to remember what you witnessed the night before. BUT, look after it.  three hair ties, yes your hair might get messy especially as west kowloon cultural district is a wind machine BUT, it can also come in handy for lots of other things. I remember fixing my friends flip flop once so bring extra.  four ah, yes shoes can be quite important, i definitely think you should wear a pair but wear ones that you don’t really mind getting scuffed up like your 6 year old converse that have seen it all or your hunter wellies. I guarantee they will not look the same when you get home.  five wet wipes, for similar reasons to number one, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. You do get a lot of grimy people at festivals. six after a couple of beers, some food and maybe a cigarette you might want to clear your palate seven a small wallet, i know a lot of girls that want to bring all their photos, discount cards, membership cards etc etc, you don’t need any of this, bring the necessary items, ID, bank card AND YOUR TICKET, then you’ll be good to go. Trust me, if you lose your wallet, you’ll be thankful you didn’t lose everything. eight a raincoat. We were lucky last year that it only drizzled and i remember seeking refuge in the kids playground to hide under the brightly coloured plastic roofs, but i was thinking recently, what if it had rained for hours? Check the weather and be prepared, you don’t want to miss your favourite band because you were sitting next to a seven year old and blocking the poor child from using the slide because it was raining.  nine a comfy bag. You don’t really want to bring your fashionable totes or handbags. Bring a side bag, fanny pack or satchel so you’ve got one hand to take photos and one hand to wave in the ayer like you just don’t cayer. ten your friends. 

Early bird tickets are on sale NOW


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