shopping event @ the american club

A couple of weeks ago Kanchan Couture participated in the  shopping event at the American Club in Tai Tam which featured over 20 vendors of all types from home deco, jewellery, greetings cards and even a vendor specifically for funky clocks!

We got some great feedback and we had a lot of happy customers and everyone seemed to love our new Maka collection.
We had this one customer that picked up 2 items and when we had made an invoice for her, she picked up another piece. So then we changed the invoice and then she picked up another piece and then had to change it again haha bless her she was a so lovely!

Usually when we go to these shopping events we try to understand the event and what type of people will show up so we can cater to their style, so we think about their age and look at past event pictures if we can to determine what to bring because of course we have A LOT of stock! Our Maka pieces start at a great price, around $200 and go up and over $10k which are all sterling silver or gold, adorned with beautiful precious and semi precious stones.

One of my highlights was the unlimited coffee for vendors, best believe i took full advantage of that.

Check out our pictures from the event!












KC00405NL_B KC00405NL_C

Email me if you see anything you like further info on!


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