So I’ve been a fan of Don’t Flop for a while now and seeing their battle videos all over England especially the ones on Brighton Beach makes me miss the UK so much.
I was so happy when I found DF on youtube, theres hardly any hip hop out there these days with all the top rnb and hip hop artists going in the electro direction- which I hate. It seems like the underground/undiscovered artists are bringing it back like Wax and Herbal T, DFD, Speak! and of course the UK rappers, Shystie, Deekay, Shotty, Eurgh, Bamalam, Lady Leshurr, Gecko etc etc

I’ve always loved graphic and band merch tees, especially baggier ones because I’ve always put my own twist on them whether I cut them, tie them or dye them. I figured I’d buy some merch and rep it over here in HK.

I haven’t quite figured out what to do with these yet but I’ll let you all know when i do : )

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


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