archie’s girls for mac

Ever since i was little I used to love reading Archie comics, mainly the Betty & Veronica’s double digest and a couple of days ago i discovered mac was doing an Betty and Veronica collection!! I am SO EXCITED!!

The book shop where I used to buy the comics in Pacific Place, Admiralty closed down a few years ago and I haven’t been able to find them since. If anyone knows where to get them in Hong Kong please let me know!

I was always more of a Veronica fan, even though Betty was clearly the sweeter one she just seemed a little bland. Even though Betty did seem more down to earth and Veronica always had the best clothes.-haha


The Betty Collection:
Sweeter, softer and flirty.

The Veronica Collection:
Darker, edgier and vampyArchiesGirls-Veronica-LineUp-300 eye mac-archie-girls-brush-kit-collection-for-spring-2013 MAC-ArchiesGirls-Nails macarchiesgirlsglosses



These are from my collection from years ago and 5 of my favourite covers



The collection comes out March 11th.


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