atma arm candy

Hello lovelies

As some of you know Kanch is the founder of Hong Kong chapter, charity Atma and every month we’ve created an event to raise awareness for the foundation.

This time Kanch was inspired by the Arm Candy trend and created a limited edition 3 piece collection.

These Atma Arm Candy bracelets are handmade and braided together with neon strings. Kanch embellished the bracelet with Swarovski mud balls with a brass, silver plated centre piece.

What do you think?


20% of India’s poor have no access to education. 86% have no access to technical and vocational training; 45% drop out before eighth grade.  By 2015, 65% of Indian population will be youth. By 2050, 50% of  the world’s illiterate will be in India. Supporting quality education for all children. To build the capacity of NGOs and the development sector as a while through effective and profound partnerships with the organisations that work in the areas of education, children and community development.

When I first read this I was totally shocked, as India has the second largest population in the world.

Everyone deserves a fair shot at an education and knowledge, reading and writing is so important to survive in our modern world and Kanchan Couture is 100% dedicated to getting the word out there and hopefully change this.

Stay tuned for more events!


The bracelets are the set, 3 for $400 HKD and 1 piece for $150 HKD and 50% goes to Atma. 

Please email me if you’d like to purchase them as a gift or for yourself- 


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