Hello lovelies!
So its been a while my apologises but I have a lot to update you on!
Last week on Friday I went to another gig at Hidden Agenda in Kuwn Tong, HK and saw Silverstein live! I was so stoked!!! I remember listening to them when I was a young-en so I just had to go for the memories.

Before the show it was a race against time to get to Shatin Shopping Mall to pick up my new baby, my canon 600d camera (body) get home, get changed and head back out all in 2 hours. Needless to  say we didn’t make it BUT luckily the bands were on late and Silverstein didn’t play until like 10pm (show started at 8:30pm)

It was so incredibly disgustingly sweaty at Hidden Agenda, I mean everyone was DRIPPING with sweat. I almost walked out a couple of times because I found it hard to enjoy the bands while I was profusely sweating.

The moshing still hasn’t gotten better, I mean I saw a girl in 3 inch wedges bouncing up and down in the middle of it loving life and if this was back in 2006 she would have lost her legs.
I’m really sad that the HKHC community is becoming a stand and watch type crowd. I wasn’t moshing but I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, it wasn’t like that when we were at Warehouse 6/7 years ago. I guess that makes me a hypocrite because I haven’t been in a pit in ages, maybe next time I should wear some appropriate shoes and show them how its done-haha

Silvestein also mentioned NOFX and when they came to Hong Kong, and no-one knew what the fuck they were talking about and i just screamed “I WAS THERE!!!!!!!”- everyone else was dead silent like, “what the fuck are they talking about?” -NOFX were here in 2005, which would make me 15 hahaha.

It was a great show and I’m so thankful Hidden Agenda is bringing bands like this to Hong Kong for fucking affordable prices.

I took these with my new camera so forgive me I haven’t quite figured it out yet, enjoy!!

My favourite photo- earphones and earplugs

Beater- Mong Kok
Denim vest- Thrifted
Shorts- H&M
Shoes- Nike
Bag- Charles & Keith


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