I’ve been wanting a thigh tattoo for a while and I finally decided on a design; roses with a retro, old school microphone.

I guess it came from my love for the 50s and 60s and music. I’ve always remembered my dad playing the classics when I was younger and I’ve recently gotten back into them and I still remember the lyrics and everything.

I was so excited when to see what Nic (my tattoo artist) had sketched up for me and being my first piece that wasn’t scripture I was naturally nervous and its my biggest one yet. Usually I’m always freaking out before we start, I think its mainly the anticipation and excitement that make me a little squeamish.

So the tattoo itself took a good 7 hours because I didn’t really want to split it into two sessions so I powered through. We were onto the last parts of the tattoo, the leaves and I was so close to stopping but after I agreed to do one i figured fuck it, lets DO THIS. So we finished it! ~haha
I must say I am super proud of myself for sitting for so long and having about 4 cigarette breaks.

I wanted to thank Nic for making this piece more than what I had hoped for, I just love it. It’s my favourite one yet. No doubt I’ll be back again for the other thigh…just maybe in a few months time- haha.


Taken by Nic-

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