I decided to experiment with one of my old Diesel tees from their BE STUPID campaign and cut a skull in the back, a week after I did this, Zara was selling pre cut skull tees- haha for the lazy girl.

So heres my step by step!
You will need
1. A tee
2. Fabric scissors
3. Fabric chalk
4. A stencil or image (if you wish)

1. Sketch out the design with the fabric chalk. I used the image I printed as reference and guidelines.

2. For the eyes, I left 2 streaks so that the shape of the tee would stay better, otherwise the eyes might droop a little

3. Choose how many teeth you want, I chose 6 on each row.


My only criticism is that I did everything a bit too low, but I’ve already got a new H&M mens tee to do it again!
I think I’m gonna try something totally different so stay tuned!


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