It seems as we progress into the future hem lines are getting shorter. A couple of years ago these kicker shorts would have been taboo and considered vulgar but now the trend is everywhere. Personally I really like them but would i wear them in public, absolutely NOT, the looks I would get in Hong Kong-HAH

Because Asos has a fabulous “view catwalk” section you’re able to see the models walk in whatever garment you’re interested in and every single one of these ladies had their cheeks peeking out.

I’m actually scared to see whats going to be trending next. Is my unborn child going to be wearing knickers as formal wear in the future? Sweet lord I hope not.

-Both from Motel (

-Both from Asos (

What do we think, love them or hate them? Wearable or not?


2 thoughts on “SHORT & SWEET?

  1. I think this trend is only wearable at the beach with a nearly perfect figur. But I would never wear them in the city, to school or something like that.

    • Same here, but its also different in a City that is more modest than most places. Local fashion in Hong Kong is very cutesy so these would attract a lot of attention – maybe even some photographs that you wouldn’t want taken hahha

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