Last week on Wednesday I attended Victoria Beckham’s VB Shift Dress Collection at Lane Crawford.
I loved how they blocked off the whole of Lane Crawford for the event so you could walk around and gawk at the other brands that Lane Crawford has to offer. I must say I was totally drooling over the Guiseppe Zanotti shoes while I waited for Posh to show up.

I always wanted to see the Spice Girls before they split but unfortunately we weren’t so lucky but seeing Victoria last week was delightful and very exciting.

I really praise celebrities that have been known for one thing but gradually pursue other endeavours such as Posh; singing to designing. Usually there is tons of speculation whether a celebrity can actually excel in more that one field, and Victoria definitely does it with class and elegance. I think she has finally proven to the world that designing is certainly her forte and not something that’s a fad. I love how her style has developed over the years from WAG to serious designer, and I am crazy for her collections, especially her amazing bags.

The night was filled with anticipation as we waited for her to finally launch her collection at Lane Crawford. I only got to see her head- haha which I’m still happy about and those that attended got the first look and feel of her collection.

Her beautiful, elegant and mod-like shift dresses are now available at LC.

Wearing my Kanchan Couture bracelet with pride & my ‘V’ stamp

If only she wasn’t looking down!

Courtesy of the Daily Mail-

She tweeted: ‘LOVE Hong Kong!!!!check this view out!!! X vb.’

Cheers posh, I love HK too : )


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