Beautiful photographs of Alyona Subbotina by Jean-François Campos for Flair March 2012

Speaking of fighters, I just read an article by the Daily Mail HERE and I posted it to the Wipe Out Homophobia on Facebook page and I received a reply that infuriated me

She said: i’m not opposed to gay marriage, i’m not homophobic, but i like the fact that i have a husband .. i’m proud that he is proud of me.. don’t you dare try to take that away from me! find another way around this, instead of pulling us down to make others feel better about themselves!!!

WOW, where do I begin? This lady is angry that they are taking away the words husband and wife, WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? What exactly is she loosing? What is she so upset about? She got to marry the person she loves LEGALLY while others can’t. LOL “Pulling us down to make OTHERS feel better about themselves”
She’s living under a government that supports and has supported opposite sex marriage for years and ONLY this type of marriage, now they want to change a few words to acknowledge the fact that marriage is NOT about opposite genders but about LOVE. Maybe she doesn’t understand that?

For hundreds of years gay marriage was illegal, now things are changing and governments all over the world are starting to be less ignorant. Maybe this lady is living in the past. How fucking dare she.

This has really pissed me off.


EDIT;// She has removed her comment now hahahahahaha.

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