I’ve been looking for a pair of high top Nikes but Nike seems to make really fucking ugly shoes for girls, what the hell is with that Nike? They’re either super girly or the fabric is METALLIC, or maybe it’s just Hong Kong where they have an absolute SHIET selection. So I’m happy I found these babies…..

So a couple of weeks ago I went to Mong Kok’s famous sneaker street (which is being demolished, assholes) and i fell in love with these Nikes, all black but what caught my eye was the tiny colourful fibres in the fabric of the shoe. Even though it looks all black, plain and boring, if you look closer there are tons of coloured fibres. LAVE IT.

I ended up thinking about it because I have a serious problem with impulse shoe buying. So I thought about them for a week, and I mean I couldn’t stop thinking about them… so I brought them from Catalogue in ShaTin……..  ($799 HKD)
Apologises, I don’t know the name or style of them

Ladies High Top Nikes I hate…. It looks like someone with NO taste through up all over these.

Now these, I love, Nylon Mag X Nike Women’s Dunk High. Unfortunately they were out in 09 so I doubt they’re still available..


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