Ahh… A Hong Kong Hardcore show, finally.

03/02/12 Anti Flag live in Hong Kong @ Hidden Agenda (Kwun Tong)
Supporting acts- Attention to Piss & King Ly Chee.

I haven’t been to one in so long, I think the last show was at Warehouse in Aberdeen and i can’t even remember who was playing.

The scene has changed so much, HKHC fans coming and going, new faces, less moshing (less aggressive too)
I have to say I’m so happy with Hidden Agenda which is where the show was held. I hope they are able to bring more talent in and have a place for HKHC fans to call home.
The reason why i stopped going to shows was because Warehouse closed and shows were all over the place and the community kind of diffused.

I miss the studded belts, the community, the music, the adrenaline, broken converse, the hippies, the unity, the tears, everything. I miss that part of life. Every Friday night after school my friends and i would take the long ride to Aberdeen to watch the bands.
We’d be drinking along the way and walk up the treacherous hill towards Warehouse. I miss it a lot.

My boyfriend and i were leaving Hidden Agenda and I saw one of King Ly Chee’s tees which i HAD to buy.
It reads,

Regardless of race, religion, language, hardcore for life.

-I am in the process of cutting it and making it a wife beater. Their women’s size was so tight, i’d rather it baggy and bitchin’.

Going to watch Anti Flag has totally rekindled my love for rock and I can’t wait to go to another show.


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