So I have been wanting to blog about Viktor & Rolf’s new venture for a while now. A book titled Fairy Tales, consisting of enchanting illustrations and stories by the Dutch designer duo.

I can’t wait till this book hits the shelves. The last time I bought a book like Fairy Tales was Tim Burton’s “The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories,” which i totally love and cherish.

They’re press release reads:

“With enchanting illustrations, also by Viktor & Rolf, FAIRY TALES contains 12 original stories featuring memorable characters such as the lonely Disco Hedgehog, and the marvellous Little Dragon Butterfly. You’ll delight at the tales of the pampered Princess Giselle in The Golden Dress; of Princess Shanilla in The Fifth Perfume Bottle and of the transformational magic behind Flowerbomb.” 

Now who doesn’t want to read about a lonely Disco Hedgehog? I know i do.


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