Ah, Halloween, the time when the girls can dress up like sluts and not have to face any criticism. Last year i didn’t dress up so this year i decided to go all out, I made my own fake blood which took a couple of tries but ended up being successful. I bought a nurse costume and cut it up and flung my fake blood all over it. I was a Zombie Nurse!

First stop, Zuma for they’re Spooky and Naughty Halloween party. My friend and i were to work behind the bar.
Second, Sugar just to drop by and say hi to everyone.
Third, Volar for a casual dance on the stage and A LOT of vodka cranberries.
Forth, Homebase to say hi to the management and a few shots
Fifth, Buddha Lounge.

 It would have been fantastic if i hadn’t gotten too drunk… hahahha. Never the less it was good while i lasted hahahha.



The guy with the fake boner…

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